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FlowLab Flow Chemistry System

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FlowLab ™ is the ideal entry-level flow chemistry system for those who want to experiment with flow chemistry without the associated costs of training, training and a complex fully automated system.

The system consists of 2 high pressure pumps, a HotCoil ™ coil reactor and FlowLab system control software. The computer, pumps and HotCoil are connected over a LAN using an Ethernet HUB. In this way, the system can be operated with Wi-Fi, which allows the control computer to be located outside the smoke cabinet and away from chemicals.

Depending on the required temperature range, choose from 2 configurations:

FlowLab includes a Uniqsis HotCoil heated reactor station that provides an environment of up to 260 ° C.

FlowLab Cold includes Polar Bear Plus Flow and operates in the range -40 o C to 260 o C, all without the need for cardiac or liquid nitrogen.

The standard system comes with dedicated FlowLab control software that provides full manual control and the ability to program a single automated experiment.

The reactor modules are compatible with all Uniqsis coil reactors. Column reactors can also be installed by adding HotColumn accessory and Uniqsis glass Static reactor / mixer Chips can be mounted on Polar Bear Plus Flow specifying the additional Chip Holder.