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GZS50F Small Vacuum Freezer Dryer

GZS50F Small Vacuum Freezer Dryer 2019-11-14T23:53:30+00:00

Product description: Vacuum freeze drying technology, also called sublimation drying, is a technical method that pre-freezes samples and then sublimates moisture in a vacuum state.

Laboratory / Pilot Vacuum Ice Cream Dryer Machine

Vacuum freeze drying technology, also called sublimation drying, is a technical method that pre-freezes samples and then sublimes them in the case of humid vacuum. The products are easier for long-term protection after freeze-drying. They can be restored to their original state and retain their chemical and biological properties after watering. Freezer drying technology is widely used in medicine, food, chemical industry and biological products etc.

This type freezer dryer is a new patented product. It changed the traditional boring operation and realized the automation.

Main Features

1- Pre-freezing and drying process ends in one position, easy to use and good drying effect. The freezer has observation windows and the drying process is intuitive.
2- Shelf temperature control error is less than 1.0 ℃. The drying effect is homogeneous. Shelf temperature is adjustable and controlled.
3- The drying chamber and the condenser are separated so that the water holding ability is higher and the drying time is shorter.

4- 7 ” Touch screen operation + SH-HPSC-II module controller, Screen drying curve, recorder available. High control accuracy and stable operation.) Special design FE-EMB control system can save many craft data and adjust online during drying, improve craft optimization rate. Online alarm monitoring and history alarm control, diagnostics and machine maintenance
5-The gas charge or discharge water valve adopts a safety diaphragm valve that can be connected with inactive gases, which can add inactive gases after drying, and can extend the quality guarantee period.
6- The freeze-drying curve control technology is able to control the temperature. You can control the sample rise temperature rate and vacuum degree during the sublimation and analysis section, while reducing the speed during the pre-freezing section,
7- Intelligent digital recording system, online recording and display capture temperature curve, sample temperature curve, vacuum curve, data can be quit the computer and print, make the craft more convenient and test the drying efficiency.
8- Flexible manual operation + automatic operation, use manual craft, use to call automatic control for normal production.