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KTP crystal

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KTP crystals is the most commonly used material for frequency doubling of Nd-doped lasers, particularly at the low or medium power density.It is widely used for
frequency mixing to generate Red/Green/Blue output, and for OPO and OPA to generate visible to mid-infrared tunable output. It is also used for many E-O devices such as Q-switches and E-O modulators.


  • Large nonlinear optical coefficient
  • Wide angular bandwidth and small walk-off angle
  • Broad temperature and spectral bandwidth
  • High Electro-Optics(E-O) coefficient and low dielectric constant
  •  Non-hygroscopic, chemically and mechanically stable


  • Frequency Doubling (SHG) of Nd-doped Lasers for Green/Red Output (1064~532nm)
  • Frequency Mixing (SFM) of Nd Laser and Diode Laser for Blue Output
  • Parametric Sources (OPG, OPA and OPO) for 600nm – 4500nm Tunable Ouptut
  • E-O Modulators, Optical Switches, Directional Couplers
  • Optical Waveguides for Integrated NLO and E-O Devices


Angle Tolerance <+/-0.25deg
Dimension Tolerances +/-0.1 mm
Surface Quality 10/5 Scratch/Dig
Parallelism <10″
Perpendicularity <5′
Clear Aperture >90%
Wavefront Distortion <λ/8@632.8 nm
Surface Flatness <λ/8@632.8 nm
Chamfer <0.1mm@45deg
Coating AR/HR coating Upon customer’s request
Damage Threshold 750MW/CM2 at 1064nm, TEM00, 10ns, 10Hz