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ReactoMate CLR Reaction Systems

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The ReactoMate laboratory and ReactoMate-Pilot reaction systems offer precise control of reaction variables, excellent reaction visibility with a powerful direct drive overhead mixer and vacuum jacket option.

ReactoMate CLR reaction systems are fully adaptable to the user’s requirements with a wide range of options. For example, we will provide a PTFE cover with various ports / fittings as standard, but we can create a custom cover to meet your specific needs from PTFE or glass. The flange can be conveniently replaced as well as side levers and valves, as a few things that can be customized to your request.

One of the problematic issues with the reactor is the bulky and generally dangerous scaffold that supports the unit. Support frames generally have rods on the front and sides, which may cause problematic access to the reactor and potentially break glassware if containers are replaced.

Asynt’s ReactoMate-Pilot Super Support (RSS) system provides a simple, easy and easy way to support your jacketed reactor in any size up to 30,000 ml. Made of highly chemical resistant materials, RSS can be more easily managed in your reactor. With a compact footprint and lifting mechanism (easy lifting / lowering of a 30,000 ml vessel with one hand, even), this provides excellent space savings. Contact us to prepare a demo for your laboratory.

With a ReactoMate-Pilot, we now offer packages with everything you need to make starting and running easier from the ground up.

To complement the ReactoMate Controlled Lab Reactor products, we offer a wide range of compatible circulator options from many manufacturers, including the Julabo series. For example, Julabo CF41 cools a 1 L reaction to -20 ° C in a ReactoMate single jacket container.

In addition, with Mettler Toledo, we have a common automation that allows you to integrate thermostat temperature, liquid dosing and sampling programs, and process analytical technology for data-rich experiments day or night to deliver complete automation of the RX-10 for your ReactoMate.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure you receive the required product of the highest standard.

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