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V YAG Q Key Crystals

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For all syntheses;

  • High temperature reactions up to +260 ° C and 1400 psi
  • Small scale reaction with cooling down to -70 ° C
  • Continuous scale-up reactions
  • Continuous or filling continuous flow
  • Segmented flow

FlowSyn continuous flow reactors are designed with the chemical slogan for chemists. Whether you are a new flow chemist or experienced, Uniqsis provides you with a wide range of accessory modules and outstanding chemical compatibility and reliability.

High performance:

  • High sensitivity
  • Temperature control from -70 ° C to + 260 ° C
  • Routine high temperature reactions thanks to the pressure up to 1400 psi
  • Automatic reactions
  • Repeatable product quality thanks to specially designed mixers and reactors
  • Chemical compatibility; PTFE or Steel etc. different options
  • Excellent reaction flexibility
  • Capacity; Large visible chemistry from mg to kg
  • Selection of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactors
  • Ability to change reactions in minutes
  • Ability to add extra pump module for downstream additions
  • Manual or automatic module selection
  • Only one user or all available option
  • All pressurized parts are inside the plexiglass safety cap
  • System shuts down automatically in case of leakage or blockage
  • Pressure and temperature limits are automatically determined depending on the system configuration
  • High-performance connections and protected tubing

Uniqsis was established in Chambridge / England. Uniqsis has a team of flow chemists and development engineers with innovative technology in the flow chemistry industry. FLowSyn is the leading reactor design of choice for major pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and academic research worldwide.