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Cleanroom Face Mask

Cleanroom Face Mask 2021-02-11T00:04:21+00:00

Brand: Nonstat
Product Code: FM-4100
Origin: Turkey

The 3-layer product is made of meltblown PP filter in the middle and non-woven material on the other two sides.
The clean face mask is suitable for use in clean rooms and in all production lines where products that do not produce particles should be used.
The product is laser production, ear rubber is designed to be non-injurious, designed and produced by our company.

Size: 100 × 170 mm
Ear Diameter: 190mm
Bacteria filtration efficiency: 99% minimum
Particle production:> 0.3 micron
Commercial Form: 50 pieces / package
Usage Areas: Pharmaceutical industry, medical product manufacturing facilities, automotive industry, electronic device manufacturing facilities, laboratories