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NJP Series Capsule Filling Machine

NJP Series Capsule Filling Machine 2019-11-14T22:59:26+00:00

Product description: This machine can be equipped with a vacuum loader for capsules and powders, which reduces the cost of workers, and all operations are performed on the touch screen, a highly automated machine.

Fully automatic capsule filling machine is the latest designed equipment that fully meets GMP, ISO. This machine is very beautiful, good and easy to use, especially the electrical control cabinet is independent of the machine, we can supply IQ OQ PQ documents and CE.

This is a newly created fully automatic, closed-range filling machine with numerous tamper stations. It completes the following process: feeding the capsule, removing the capsule, filling it, removing the defective capsule, closing the capsule, automatically emptying the finished capsule.
This machine can be equipped with capsule and vacuum loader for dust, which reduces the cost of workers, and all operations are performed on the touch screen, a highly automated machine for water, electricity and pneumatics.

  • Module Holes are arranged in “T” type, guaranteeing the filling capacity more valuable and complete.
  • Automatic control falling capsules without human
  • Enlarge the Divining Box organization. Linked Rod Counterweight system works more stable.
  • Number of prints 400 – 72000 (capsule / hour)

Main Features

1- There is great resistance as the filler mast moves up and down. We adopt counterweight assistant to reduce this resistance. It guarantees safe operation of the machine.
2- The conditioning zone enters the sub module directly and with air, allowing the hand clamping unit to be adopted. Prevent the dust on the left from affecting the next station so that the power in the upper and lower module can be removed over time.
3- To increase the transmission torque, increase the diameter of the main axis to ensure that the transmission is more stable and the load resistance capability is increased.
4- Make sure that the filling capacity is more precise, with the back and forth arrangement of holes, which greatly increases the powder filling accuracy.
5- Admit a multi-hole doctor and ensure that the powder is evenly distributed over the dosing disc, which is more suitable for full capacity.
6- The new structure is a twelve-state fully enclosed type rotary type swivel floor. Upper and lower module one-way operation safe and reliable. The fully enclosed structure prevents contamination of the lubricating oil of the products, according to GMP.
7- Simplify the quibcunx leveling structure and upper base. This convinces to remove the dispersed dust and increase the work efficiency.
8- Bulk gas auxiliary system for the discharge capsule, avoid exhaust for long periods of time.
9- Accurate orientation, capsule vacuum positioned mechanism to make capsule loading percentage above 99%.
10- Free dosage adjustment, easy speed selection and closed capsule length adjustment.
11- PLC control program with LCD. Touch screen operation and monitoring function.
12- Showing in-time speed and cumulative output.
13- Automatic troubleshooting, lack of material, lack of capsule, block and other mechanical problems in the material channel, alarms and stops automatically.
14- Electrical Appliances control system complies with CE and international standards.
15- Quick and accurate part change, turntable and ring carrier assembly can be easily removed.
16- Fully enclosed dosing stations and rotary table for integration of all capsule filling plants.
17- The work station cam operates under good lubrication conditions, extending the service life of the replacement parts.