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Vacuum Freeze Dryer

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Fruit and Vegetable Vacuum Ice Cream Dryer Machine
The vacuum freeze dryer is an advanced method of material for watering the material. ATLAS technology from Denmark. Alternatively, it is famous for its good results and special water capture (as in the photo on the left). Freezes the moisture material at low temperature and ensures that the water in it sublimes directly under vacuum conditions. It then collects the sublimed vapor by condensation to dehydrate and dry the material.
The physical, chemical and biological conditions of the material processed by freeze-vacuum drying do not change substantially. The volatile and nutritious contents of the material, which is easy to denature in a hot environment, will be lost a little. When the material is freeze-dried, it will turn into a porous grain and its volume will essentially be the same as before drying. Therefore, if the treated material is re-watered due to its large contact area, it can be quickly recovered and stored for a long time in a closed container.