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Frac water treatment

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Hydraulic breaking (also breaking, breaking, fraking, hydrofracturing or hydrofracturing) is a good excitation technique in which the rock is broken by a pressurized fluid. The process involves high-pressure injection of natural gas, oil and natural gas into a wellbore, which includes cracks in the deep rock formations, containing & quot; essentially other suspensions suspended with the aid of water, sand or thickening agents. & Quot; The brine will flow more freely. When the hydraulic pressure is removed from the well, hydraulic fracture proppants (sand or aluminum oxide), which are small fractures, keep the fractures open.

The main purpose of the fracture fluid is to prolong fractures, to add lubrication, to change the gel strength and to carry the propant to the formation. There are two methods for transporting a high proportion and high viscosity propant in the liquid. High viscosity fracture tends to cause large dominant fractures, while slickwater fracture causes small diffusive micro fractures.