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LPG-25 Spray Dryer

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Product description: Tea extract spray dryer is the most widely used technology in the liquid technology and drying industry. Drying technology is most suitable for solid powder or particle production.

LPG Series Food Grade Tea Extract Spray Dryer

The tea extract spray dryer is the most widely used technology in the liquid technology and in the drying industry. Drying technology is most suitable for producing solid powder or particulate products from liquid materials such as solutions, emulsions, suspensions and pumpable paste forms. Therefore, particle size and distribution of final products, residual water content, mass density and particle shape must meet the exact standard, spray drying is one of the most requested technologies.

Working principle

The original liquid is fed by the Peristaltic Pump frm vessel and sprayed with the help of High Speed Atomizer, the atomizer is operated by Compressed Air. The diameter of the Atomization Disc can be up to 25000 rpm. Peristaltic Pump can be tuned and stable;

The new air is filtered through the Pre-filter and the Medium filter, then electrically heated to the inlet air temperature. Can reach over 300C (depending on actual need). At this time, the heater air will enter the spray chamber properly with the help of the Spirl-type Hot Distributor on the cover. After hot air contact with the spray dryer materials, the water can be drained very quickly, fine and drying powder can be collected by roller separator.

Superior Features
1)Atomizer is the most important accessory in spray dryer, it is used to change the LIQUID status to SPRAY state in high speed rotation movements, usually can reach 18000 ~ 25000 rpm, our company has adopted China Specilalzied Supplier, 2 years warranty period
2) LPG Spray Dryer has high drying speed, after spraying the liquid material, the surface area of the material will increase greatly. In the hot air flow, 95 ~ 98% water can be evaporated at a time. The drying process only takes a few seconds to complete.
3) Good uniformity, mobility and resolution, high purity and quality product.
4) The production procedure is simple and easy to use and control. Liquid with a moisture content of 40 ~ 60% (for special materials the content can reach 90%). The powder or particulate product may be dried at a time. After drying, there is no need to disintegrate and separate in order to reduce the process procedure in production and increase product purity. The product can be adjusted by varying particle diameters, slackness and increased product processing conditions to a certain extent. Conrtol and management is very important to perform.