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Hospital Type and Clinical Type Autoclaves

Hospital Type and Clinical Type Autoclaves 2019-11-15T21:05:36+00:00

Cab volume between 72 and 900 liters

Hospital / Clinic / Pharmaceutical / Laboratory / Food

Short cycle times, low media consumption, reproducible results

Scope of application

• Medium and large-scale laboratories for waste disposal. Also suitable in level S2 laboratories.

• Level S3 laboratories as a pass model with gas-tight separation

• In pharmaceutical companies to sterilize the auxiliaries used in production,

• End-product sterilization in production, such as contact lenses

• Sterilization of instruments used in surgical centers and hospitals, laundry, etc.,

Technicial Specifications

• Ergonomic loading height of 780 mm

• Vertical automatic door, compact exterior size

• Pass-through model gas-tight compartment

• GMP compliant design meets FDA requirements

• Vacuum pump set

• Water saving feature, Mantle cooling system and vacuum pump