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Solid State Fermentation System FS-V-SA05P

Solid State Fermentation System FS-V-SA05P 2019-11-17T18:06:01+00:00

Product introduction

Solid state fermentation (SSF), food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industry, etc. It can be used for the production of enzymes, antibiotics, biofuels and organic acids. One of the characteristics of solid state fermentation is to create low water level growth conditions for fungi. , Mold, filamentous fungi and some bacterial growth. The Winpact Solid State Fermentation system is designed for laboratory scale research to achieve excellent results. angle control mechanism provides excellent mixing efficiency for solid state material research such as enzymatic lignocellulosic hydrolysis and Ganoderma research This system is suitable for both aerobic and anaerobic fermentation with three types of propellers.


● Fully integrated system for saccharification, hydrolysis and more specifically for solid state fermentation research.
● With programmable angle adjustment (0-90 ° for culture control, 120 ° for harvest control), the boat tile and mixing mechanism allow superior sample homogeneity.
● Propellers are designed to reduce stickiness and ensure sample integrity during the fermentation process.
● Integrated motor shaft and air sparger assembly ensure precise and trouble-free ventilation and mixing control.
● Chemical resistant double wall borosilicate glass container design
● Can be used with pH and DO probes to control culture conditions (anchor-type propellers only)
● Customizable propellers and ventilation controller available