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Pilot Production Scale Fermentors

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1- SIP (Sterile in Place) Fermentors:


  • SIP Fermentors can be easily sterilized on-site
  • Large 10 ” color SIEMENS display for easy data entry and control
  • Easy to use and understand with advanced software
  • Has long life stainless steel vessel and pipeline
  • Stability and compatibility in perfect condition
  • Modular design provides system flexibility
  • Carrier design saves space
  • Thanks to its special design, the distance between pipes and valves is easy to use


Suitable systems for microbial cultures. Aerobic or anaerobic cultures Bacteria, yeast, enzymes and fungi are ideal systems for production. These fermenters are suitable for a wide variety of micrology laboratories, pilot and industrial scale fermentation. There are different configurations and designs for users.

Laboratory scale: 5L 10L 20L 30L 40L 50L 60L 70L 80L 90L 100L 150L

Pilot scale: 200L 300L 500L 600L 700L 800L 400 L 900 L 1000L 1500L 2500L 3000L 4000L

Industrial scale: 5000L 6000L 7000L 8000L 9000L 10000L…20000L

2- Parallel Fermentors:Two-union Parallel Fermentors


These fermentors are fed systems consisting of two fermentors. They are controlled from a single control unit and are sterile in situ. Usually use; small fermentor fermentation is finished by grafting the larger fermenter by increasing the scale to facilitate the production of products. This scale can be connected in parallel from 30L to 30,000L. Or it can be used as two sets of fermentors of equal capacity.

pH, DO, feed, foam etc. can be automatically controlled, recorded and printed.

Working volume: 5-300L

Filling volume: 65-80%

Material: Wet parts stainless SS316L, others SS304

Surface roughness:

internal surfaces mechanically polished 0.28-0.6um

External surfaces polished 0.4-0.8um

Working pressure: 0.20mpa

Design pressure: 0.25mpa

Internal working pressure: 0.3mpa

Interior design pressure: 0.35mpa


It has mechanical stirring from the top. Automatically adjustable between 50-400rpm. Different mixer knife options are available.