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Granular Grinding Machine

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Pharmaceutical Fritz Cone Mill Machine


The material to be processed enters the feed inlet of the grinding and grinding machine and falls into the conical sieve chamber. The rotating blade plays a rotating motion to the material and throws the granules onto the screen mesh surface by centrifugal force. The granules are transported to the particles by the cutting action produced by the rotating blade and the sieve net and discharged through the sieve holes. . The size of the milled particles can be adjusted by the sieve sieve number, the gap between the rotating blade and the sieve sieve and the rotational speed.

Advantages For Cone Mill Machine

1. In a pendulum-type granulation machine, thoroughly solve the challenging problem of contaminated material with debris from the worn sieve network.

2. The unique patented packing technology ensures no leakage of lubricating oil.

3. Granularity is easy to control.

4. No holding tower, material does not overheat.

5. Less dust, no vibration, low noise.

6. High efficiency, energy saving, large production capacity.

7. Çekici görünüm, temizlenmesi kolay.

Type A machine applies to job requirements of 100 degree jobs