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Micro Ultra Nano Ceramic Membranes

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CRM Ceramic MF / UF Membranes

Inorganic membranes are ceramic filters with good quality pore structure. They are sintered from Alumina, Titania or Zirconia under high temperature. Ceramic membranes have an asymmetric porous active membrane surface. Macro pores support the mechanical resistance of the active layer during micro filtration, ultra filtration and nanofiltration (from 10μm to 1KD). Ceramic membranes always work in crossflow mode. TransMembrane Pressure (TMP) separates the micro molecules in the filter by parallel movement to the membrane surface.

Ceramic membranes are resistant to materials such as acid, caustic, high viscosity, strong solvents. In addition, ceramic membranes have high thermal stability.

CRM Ceramic Membrane Advantages:

1) Nanometer pore diameter ultra-quality separation

2) Excellent mechanical and abrasive resistance

3) Acid and Caustic stability

4) Oxidation stability

5) Solvent stability

6) High temperature stability

7) Long use life

CRM Ceramic Membrane Applications

* Bacterial separation

* Micro and nano particle separation and concentration

* Separation and concentration of high molecular components

* Oily water separation

* Enzyme separation

* Pectin separation

* L-Lysine extraction

* Nano Kabbalist purification

CFM Ceramic Plate Membranes

TFT’s ceramic flat membranes are made of Al2O3, characterized by excellent chemical and thermal stability and ability to withstand harsh chemical cleaning agents.

Filtration principle

The separation layer of the ceramic flat membrane of the TFT is coated on the surface, which decides to use the ceramic flat membranes only in the outside-in mode.

Ventilation is generally used to maintain the ability of filtration and to keep the flux constant and to reduce surface contamination.

CFM features

Geometry hollow circle

Outside filtering mode

Material Al2O3

Pore ​​size 0.1μm

Pure water flux 800LMH (@ 1bar.25 ℃)

pH tolerance 2 ~ 12

Temperature tolerance: Max. 130 ℃

Operation TMP Max. 0.8b is

Burst pressure 40bar