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NJP-200 Capsule Canning Machine

NJP-200 Capsule Canning Machine 2019-11-14T23:21:19+00:00

Product description: The machine is a type of intermittent movement and hole plate filling a fully automatic capsule filling equipment. It adopts optimization design which combines the characteristics of Chinese medicine and requem.

SN JP200 Capsule Filling Machine


1.Touch Screen, PLC program control panel,
2. Mechanism with mechanism to make the capsule a capsule of more than 99% quality.
3. The easily removable dust container for cleaning and the easily replaceable auger adjustment fill the weights.
4. Easy speed selection and closed capsule length adjustment.
5. Electric Appliance control system in accordance with CE and international standards.
6. Quick and accurate change part installation, easy to remove rotary table and ring carrier assembly.
7. Fully enclosed rotary tables and dosing stations for the integration of all capsule filling facilities.
8. The large cam mechanism ensures that the mold turntable remains stable with all the equipment in balance and fully guarantees that the machine operates with the highest precision and precision.

New Design of Fully Enclosed Dosing Station

1. Easy to clean; keep the dosage accurately.
2. Increase the size of the dosing container (3cm enlarge); According to the international standard, increase the powder flow homogeneity in the dosing pan.
3. Adopt three-dimensional control elements; To prevent natural conversion of the dosing pan and copper plate, take the lower surface dosage plane as the reference point.

Fully Enclosed Rotary Table New Design

1. With high efficiency, accuracy and energy saving.
2. It is easier to clean, dismantle and reinstall the mold.
3. The work station cam operates under good lubrication conditions, extending the service life of the replacement parts.
4. The internal design of the mold turntable was improved, 90 ball bearings were imported directly from Japan for each machine, equipment precision was ensured and machine life was extended.