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Solid Liquid Separation Horizontal Sediment Decenter Centrifuge

Solid Liquid Separation Horizontal Sediment Decenter Centrifuge 2019-11-15T00:25:45+00:00

Product description:The machine can be used for all kinds of suspensions containing mainly fine particles with a diameter of 0.005-15mm, concentration of 1-40% and a temperature of no more than 100.

Horizontal Juice Decanter Centrifuge
The machine can be used for any suspension containing fine particles of 0.005-15mm diameter, a concentration of 1-40% and a temperature of no more than 100 ℃. It can also be used to separate the 3-phase mixture in which the density of the solid is higher than the liquid, and the density difference (liquid-liquid-solid) and separation of the particles with the liquid-solid suspension, particularly suspension separation, where the filter cloth is difficult to regenerate and where concentration and particle size vary greatly. The machine includes chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petroleum and environmental protection, including dewatering coal tar, removing industrial and urban sewage sludge, washing and dehydrating starches, dehydration of soy proteins. It is widely used in industries.

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Based on the density difference between the solid and the liquid and the centrifugal force, the spiral centrifuge accelerates the sedimentation rate of the solid particles to achieve solid-liquid separation. The machine has drum, spiral pusher, differential mechanism and power and frame etc. It consists of materials. The drum and spiral pusher rotates in the same direction at high speed, the speed difference of the drum and spiral pusher is about 2-30 rpm under the influence of the differential mechanism. . The raw liquid enters the drum rotating at high speed from the inlet, the centrifugal force and the suspension of greater density are rapidly deposited on the drum wall and form the sediment layer and are pushed out of the drum to the discharge drum. The purified liquid is continuously discharged from the large end of the drum, so obtain the suspension. Liquid-solid separation. If the liquid is an emulsion containing light / heavy phases, light and heavy liquid circles can be formed with different gravity and divided into the large end plate of the drum. By means of the centrifugal pump, while the light liquid flows out of the light liquid outlet, the heavy liquid is discharged from the heavy liquid outlet so that solid-liquid-liquid separation is performed.