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GHL Fast High Speed Wet Mixer Grinder

GHL Fast High Speed Wet Mixer Grinder 2019-11-14T22:08:19+00:00

Product description: The blending and granulation procedures are completed in the same chamber of the granulator. Thanks to the mesh of dusty materials in the fixed conical container, it remains semi-flowing and rolling.

GHL Mixing Crushing Machine

Mixer Crushing Machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and light industries. etc., for blending and granulating powdered materials.


Mixing and grinding are completed in the same container of the mill. The powdered materials in the stationary conical container remain semi-flowing and rolling by agitation with a stirring paddle and are thoroughly mixed. After being poured into the adhesives, the powdered materials gradually turn into fine, moist granules, and their shapes begin to paddle, and the inner wall of the vessel and the powdered materials become loose, soft materials. With the movement of the granule forming paddle, the soft materials are gradually turned into thin, moist granules of the same size.

Why did you choose it?

1. Pneumatic bollercover with automatic lifting, easy closing and starting.

2. Conical chamber, evenly rolled materials.

3. Open the window and easy to use.

4. Touch the screen with dynamic working image and live in use.

5. 45 degree discharge outlet, granules are completely discharged.

6. The V-shaped grinding blade operates with the inclusion movement and prevents the materials from entering the space between the V-shaped grinding blades and the blades to form a corner so that they can be mixed evenly.

7. Inter-layer jacket cooling and automatic temperature control can improve the quality of the granules.

8. The 36-degree Zigzag mixing paddles operate in three-dimensional motion. The distance between the mixing paddles and the surface of the boiler button is 0.5 – 1.5 mm, so that it can be mixed evenly. As there is a small amount of residue left in the boiler wall, it can reduce friction and save 25% energy.

9. Labyrinth is made of sealing construction. Rotary axis clearance can automatically spray and clean, providing reliability in sealing and ease of cleaning.

10. Dual frequency control (vector type), mixing paddles and grinding blades start at a lower speed at a large moment and the rotational speed is adjustable and infinitely variable.

11. Equipped with an automatically programmable system, the PLC with analog quantity modular control can measure and monitor current in granulation.