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Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectrometer

Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectrometer 2019-11-16T21:20:12+00:00

The ADANI CMS 8400 compact automatic controlled spectrometer is the ideal instrument for traditional research and advanced applications in physics, chemistry, and biological sciences and applications that are conjugated to physics, chemistry and biology. It is also used in express analysis of paramagnetic substances for factory, laboratory, facility, clinical environment and trial. The system has a special structure that provides high resolution and high sensitivity, which is repeatedly small and offers a price advantage. Its design feature is its compact electromagnet and microwave bridge. This design of the device has many extra features such as low energy consumption, easy installation and operation, upgrading to full system.

Design Features

Portable, low weight, table top unit

Fully computer controlled and new generation magnetic field and frequency

Minimum user training for control system

For example, when it changes does not affect automatic self-adjustment

Micro-molar sensitivity

Free service with remote connection

Easy maintenance

Software Features

Automatic spectrometer control

Basic adjustment corrections

Spectrum fragmentation

Definition of line spectrum parameters

Integration and differentiation

Converting information to ASCII format

Remote access via various network interfaces (LAN, Bluetooth)

Use as EPR with special application methods

Optional auto sampler, pump, cooling, heating system, etc.

Technical information

Precision 5 · 1015 turn / T

Resolution 0.006 mT


Maximum magnetic field 0.7 T

Scanning width 10-4 – 0.35 T

Field setting accuracy ± 0.15? T

Long term frequency stability 5 · 10-5 1 / h

Long term field stability 15? T

Pole diameter (stem) / pole spacing 60/15 mm

Magnetic field homogeneity +/- 5 T T on TE102 sample volume in active zone

Microwave unit

Operating Frequency 9.1 – 9.5 GHz

Frequency counter display 7 digits

Microwave power into the cavity 0.01 – 100 mW

Microwave adjustment Automatic

Cavity resonator

Clearance TE102

Magnetic field modulation in the range of 10? T to 1 mT at 100 kHz, pp,

Q value without load 5000

Data system operating system Windows

Interface RS 232, USB, Bluetooth

Power 400 W, 110 or 220 VA

Dimensions 530 mm x 420 mm x 350 mm

Weight 56 ​​kg