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Emulsion Water Treatment

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CRM for Emulsion Water Treatment System

Steel Companies Waste Stream from Cold Rolled Mill

-Chromium waste water

Acid and caustic water

– Only waste water

Emulsion wastewater treatment methods

Dissolved air flotation

-Gravity separation

-Coagulating method

-Acidizing method

-Biological process

-Creative process

-Membrane filtration

Disadvantages of Tradional Process for Oily Water Treatment

– Very chemical consumption

-Multiple space

-Low reliability

– Rejection against low oil

-High operating cost

-Multi-discharge discharge waste

– Operation operation and maintenance

Advantages of Ceramic Membrane Process

– High oil rejection

– High quality filtered water with Low Oil / COD / SS

– Stable and reliable filtration performance

– Easy cleaning

– Recyclable oils

– Small area of ​​the entire machine

– Low operating costs

Applications Related to Ceramic Membranes:

* Cutting fluid emulsion treatment

* Oil bath emulsion treatment

* CIP caustic flow treatment