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Gas Permeability Tester

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G2 / 131 is based on a different pressure method and can be used professionally to determine the diffusion coefficients and permeability coefficients of gas conduction velocities, solubility coefficients at different temperatures of plastic films, composite films, high barrier materials, sheets and aluminum foils. The system is equipped with three diffusion cells that can test three samples at the same time and produce individual test results. The test process complies with GB, ISO, ASTM and many other international standards.

The pre-prepared test sample is mounted inside the gas diffusion cell to form a sealing barrier between the two chambers. First, the low pressure chamber and then the entire cell are evacuated. The gas flow is then fed to the evacuated high pressure chamber and a constant pressure difference is established between the two chambers. The gas passes through the sample and is displaced from the high pressure side to the low pressure side. The gas permeability and other barrier properties of the sample are obtained by monitoring the pressure changes in the low pressure chamber.