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Continuous Flow ESR / EPR Analysis System

Continuous Flow ESR / EPR Analysis System 2019-11-16T21:30:21+00:00

The Continuous Flow ESR / EPR analysis system consists mainly of the combination of the ESR / EPR spectrometer CMS 8400 and its accessories. The combination of the automatic sample loader and the peristaltic pumps and the sample container offers the possibility of operating temperatures from -150 ° C up to + 50 ° C. In addition, the sample container can be replaced with capillary or flow cell. The flow cell is advantageous because it is automatically washed with solvent before the next sample. All these steps are software controlled.

8 Allows automatic analysis of samples.

The system consists of the following parts;

– 1-8 channel sampler

– Peristaltic pump

– Heating block

– SH-P special holder

– Measuring cell with carrier and SH-P mounting parts

– Rack

– Control software for kinetic measurements

– Control software for sampler and pump


Capillaries and calibrated sample containers for different volumes of organic solvents and aqueous solutions. Cheap and easy to use, these products allow easy sample exchange. Sample tubes are used for both liquid and solids. There are tubes up to 3-6 mm in diameter and 13-15 mm in length. Flat cells are used for liquid samples with high dielectric constant.

With the Automatic Liquid Nitrogen thermostatic system, you can fix the temperature of the EPR probe between 85… 473 K automatic oral. This system consists of dewar container gas flow system and control devices.

The Automatic Helium thermostatic system allows you to set the temperature between 7… 300 K. This system consists of dewar container, gas flow system and control systems.


Pharmaceutical Industry: American pharmaceutical companies are using CMS 8400 model ESR incubated for monitoring apoptosis kidney cell lines.

Fermentation: CMS8400, an internationally well-known central nervous system research laboratory, measures product growth in antibiotic biosynthesis. Another company measures the free radical increase in animal feed.

Polymer production: A company measures the concentration of free radical iniator in its polystyrene. Supertanker engine wear. At an international port, an American oil company uses the CMS 8400 for engine wear testing. Part of Supertanker’s engine oil is investigating the presence of metals that show damage. Biological research. To better explain their work on free radicals in biological systems, researchers at NIEH have used CMS 8400 as part of a new hybrid technique in which ESR is combined with MS and HPLC. Undergraduate education CMS 8400 is used as a teaching tool in undergraduate laboratory courses in order to empirically introduce modern atomic and molecular structure concepts. Here, visual evidence consists of concepts of rigid grasping such as electron spin and molecular orbitals.