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Conductive Shoes

Conductive Shoes 2021-02-10T23:50:27+00:00

In environments where hazardous chemicals are used, even very low electrical voltages can cause explosions. Therefore ;

  • Places where there is a risk of fire (methane gas),
  • Oil and gas wells,
  • Petrochemical facilities,
  • During the production, storage, transportation and destruction of ammunition and explosives,
  • Petrol refineries,
  • LPG filling facilities,
  • Solvent, paint, varnish, etc. production facilities,
  • Paint shops

Its use in many areas of industry is appropriate and necessary for safety.

During the lifetime of the shoe, the total resistance of “personnel + floor + shoe shell” should never exceed 1,000,000 ohms (1 megaohm). Therefore, measurements should be routinely repeated and kept under control.