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ESD Slippers and Shoes

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The valid standard regarding ESD is TSE EN 61340-5-2, which entered into force in April 2003 and is in Turkish. For more detailed information, we recommend that it be obtained from TSE.

Shoes used in the production, maintenance and repair stages of devices and systems in the field of electronic – telecommunication.

Sensitivities in Electronics and Telecommunications Industry.

  • In motion (when conditions occur) Static electricity charges up to 25000-60000 volts.
  • Electrostatic can cause excessive stress and even heart attack on human beings.
  • It causes many invisible damage to the electronic material without ESD protection.
  • As a result of rapidly developing technology, ESD sensitivity in electronic materials decreases to 150V, so more attention should be paid to ESD protection.
  • Damages of electrostatic make the repairs, maintenance and repairs of the units difficult, reduce their life and increase costs.
  • ESD precautions must be taken during the production, assembly, maintenance, repair, storage, transportation of sensitive electronic and telecommunication devices and if it is desired to produce without errors.
  • Since the necessary ESD measures are not taken in the world, the annual loss is expressed in billions of dollars.
  • In calibration services (precision electronics)
Factors Forming Static Electricity Loaded Electrostatic Voltage Value
%10 – %20 Moisture %65 – %90 Moisture
Walking on the carpet 35000 V 1500 V
Walking on the vinlex floor 12000 V 250 V
Working on the bench 6000 V 100 V
When working on a vinlex floor 7000 V 600 V
When lifting the polyester bag from the counter 20000 V 200 V
When working in a chair covered with polyurethane 18000 V 1500 V

As is known, electrical resistance is extremely important, especially in areas such as operating rooms where electronic devices are available and surgeries are performed. It is the operation table, patient stretchers, covers, hoses, shoes and flooring materials that make the static electricity in the environment harmless, both for the longevity of the electronic devices in such areas and the work done by the people in that environment or the environment they are in. is not. Emar Rooms, X-ray Rooms, Intensive Care Areas, Laboratories, Telephone Role Stations, Military Equipment Rooms, Radar Control Units, Printing Houses, Production Facilities, Electrical Electronics Manufacturing, Assembly and Test Units, Pharmaceutical Industry (manufacturing units, laboratories), Data Processing Centers These are materials that are useful in many places such as Clean Room Systems (hygienic areas).

100V – Can erase information on the magnetic data carrier.
50V – Can ignite explosive gases with a spark.
30V – Can damage Electronic Components.
5V – Can damage sensitive components (eg hard drive, microchip, reader, etc.)

However, it should not be forgotten that no product alone can do the necessary task.

NOTE: As a result of long researches made by our company, if it is desired to produce quality and standard products, ESD recommends that the upper limit of conductivity in shoes should not exceed 10 mΩ.

Since shoe resistance is very variable in humid environments, a healthy measurement cannot be made in such environments. 100% dry size of the products should be taken into consideration.