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Organic Waste Compost Machine 10000 kg

Organic Waste Compost Machine 10000 kg 2021-02-10T22:33:05+00:00

Compost Machine: consists of manual separation, crushing, biochemical treatment, gas treatment and purification equipment inlet and outlet, reactor, mixer, heater, ventilation and waste gas treatment devices, and has the functions of heat preservation, automatic operation and working status display. The service life of the treatment equipment is 10 years, the treatment equipment is closed, designed to prevent leakage. Ventilation volume can be adjusted. After the standard discharge, an exhaust gas purification device can be added optionally.

Thus, odor is prevented in the working environment. Mixer main motor has overload protection, adjustable operation mode, manual operation, automatic operation and discharging function. The screen can display the operating conditions of your device such as temperature, agitator, and ventilation. PLC control, the screen shows the machine working status. The device has a data transmission function that can monitor and monitor the amount of garbage processed daily in real time. Thus, it creates records, monitoring and reporting can be done and your institution can be added to the quality file. This equipment includes elevator, separation platform, conveyor, crushing, slag removal, dehydration, biochemical treatment, oil and water separation and gas cleaning functions.