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DKDP Q-Switch

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  • High deuteration (>98.0%) DKDP
  • Excellent electric-optical properties
  • High extinction ratio, High damage threshold
  • Low λ/4 Voltage, Single Pass Optical Transmission

DKDP crystal is the most widely-used commercial NLO material, it is usually used for doubling, tripling and quadrupling of a Nd:YAG laser under the room temperature. In addition, it is also excellent electro-optic crystals with high electro-optic coefficients, widely used as electro-optical modulators, such as Q-switches, Pockels Cells, etc.


  • SHG, THG, FHG of Nd:lasers.
  • Frequency doubling of dyer laser
  • High power laser frequency conversion materials
  • Shutter for high speed photography
  • Electro-optical modulator and Q switches

Standard DKDP Q-Switch:

Item# HY01 HY02 HY03 HY04 HY05 HY06
Clear aperture Φ8mm Φ8mm Φ10mm Φ10mm Φ12mm Φ12mm
Outer Diameter Φ20×29 Φ20×25 Φ30×20/40 Φ28×33 Φ30/32×40 Φ28×33
T@1064nm >98% >98% >98% >98% >98% >98%
WFD <λ/8 <λ/8 <λ/8 <λ/8 <λ/8 <λ/8
Extinction ratio >1200:1 >1500:1 >1200:1 >1500:1 >1200:1 >1500:1
λ/4 voltage 3400V 3400V 3400V 3400V 3400V 3400V
Capacitance <10pF <6pF <10pF <6pF <10pF <6pF