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Hydrogen + Smart Gas Generators

Hydrogen + Smart Gas Generators 2019-11-15T22:57:47+00:00

The Hydrogen + series is a cost-effective solution for safely placing hydrogen gas in every part.
The cylinder-free system eliminates expensive gas infrastructure and storage / security issues and requires deionized water to provide consistently high quality hydrogen gas.
The Hydrogen + series is the choice of laboratories that require quality, reliability and safety that require on-site hydrogen production. Hydrogen + series has low power consumption, fast start rope and high quality gas (99.999%).

Applications: Past helium was used as a carrier gas through capillaries, but as it becomes more expensive, the next best gas is hydrogen. In the past, connecting a hydrogen cylinder to a capillary tube was a large NO if the tube broke and hydrogen entered the furnace. Generators not only have a very small internal volume but also detect a pressure drop at the output, stopping the output by cutting the output. This makes them more acceptable for GC carrier gas and of course fuel gas.

When looking at the generator, which is paid more than 3-5 years in the long term, the maintenance should be as long as 10-15 years, so the benefits are longer term. Plus, the higher the cost of a cylinder of hydrogen in 5 or 10 years, the higher the delivery costs.

Companies are buying generators for several reasons:

1. Where it is not possible to rent a cylinder, it is a purchase and sale of capital equipment against corporate tax.
2. Be greener, deliver by truck every week and produce your own gas instead.
3. Cylinders pressure is 300 bar, generator is 7, less dangerous, the fuse is lower.
4. The use of cylinders and liquid gases is not always good and people need training, which is lifted by generators.
5. Long-term costs, but really because they are very different, depending on how much money they pay, the payback period they want.
6. Convenience, so the generator runs and runs out like a cylinder.
7. Calibration – Some tools need to be recalibrated when you change a roller when it takes time, not with a generator.