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FlowSyn Dual Pump Module

FlowSyn Dual Pump Module 2019-11-15T22:51:43+00:00

BPM can be used with and in conjunction with any FlowSyn system. For customers with their own reactor system, the internal mixer, inlet / outlet selector valves and the integrated back pressure regulator enable BPM to function as an independent reagent / solvent distribution system. For safety and convenience, the three pressure transducers continuously monitor pressure and system performance.

BPM as a standalone system is controlled using proprietary PC control software. Peripherals can be added using BPM’s built-in com ports.

The BPM operates up to 100 bar (1400 psi) and can be supplied with standard 0.005 to 10 ml / min heads (UQ1022) or 0.05 to 50 ml / min heads (UQ1023).