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Nd:YLF crystal

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Nd:YLF crystal is the most common lasing medium for diode-pumped and arc lamppumped solid-state lasers, it is birefringent in nature, and its laser transitions occur at 1047 and 1053 nm, compared with Nd:YAG laser, Nd:YLF laser has an ability to yield higher pulse energies for repetition rates of a few kHz, and low thermal conductivity.


  • High power, low beam divergence, efficient single mode operation
  • High average power Q-switching at a moderate repetition rate
  • Linear polarized resonators for Q-switching and frequency doubling
  • Stimulated emission cross section is favorable for low CW threshold
  • Thermal lensing lower than that of YAG
  • Potential uniform mode for large diameter rods or slabs


Dopant Concentration 1.0 at%
Orientation <111>,<001>within 5°
Wavefront Distortion ≤ λ/4 /inch@1064nm
Extinction Ratio >25dB (depends on the actual diameter)
Dimension Tolerances rods with diameter:+0.0/-0.05 mm, Length: +0.5/-0 mm
Surface Quality 10/5 Scratch/Dig MIL-O-1380A
Parallelism <10″
Perpendicularity <5′
Clear Aperture >90%
Surface Flatness <λ/10@632.8 nm
Chamfer <0.1mm@45deg
Barrel Finish Fine grind
Anti-Reflection Coating R<0.20%@1047~1053nm per surface
Damage Threshold >500MW/CM2 at 1064nm, 10ns, 10Hz
Diameter 3~8mm
Length 10~120mm